Work wise my passion lies in Research Management and Research Administration. I have a focus on international cooperation and networks and enjoy working with colleagues from all over the world.

I have worked as adviser of international research cooperation and funding opportunities and research management since the mid 1990’s. At present I am Head of the Copenhagen Business School Research Support Office (CBS RSO). Before this I was employed at the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology as EU adviser. My first experience of research management came from the Research Project “Danish wall paintings on the Internet” at Copenhagen University (1995-2002). Where I participated in EU funded projects and other international funded projects. My interest quickly changed from the research itself to Research Management which I have practiced since.

As a research manager I see myself as a facilitator. My aim is to build a professional Research Support Office that embrace more than just support to writing proposals and focusing on fund raising. I like to see CBS RSO supporting our researchers in a much wider context where our administrative support supports the entire project life-cycle and genuinely leaves more room for the researchers to spend time on their research activities.

I am an active volunteer in two professional organisations for Research Managers and Research Administrators. I am an At-Large Board Member of SRA International and the President of DARMA.

Specialties: Research Management, International Research Cooperation, International Networks, Public speaking, Administration

Please find my full and updated CV online on LinkedIn