As far as work goes, my passion lies in Management and Administration. I strongly believe in the value of collaboration and the exchange of best practices. I am convinced that empowering and trusting colleagues leads to the best results, and thoroughly enjoy working with people from all over the world.

My employment history includes working at the University of Copenhagen, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Education, and Copenhagen Business School. Additionally, I have enthusiastically engaged in volunteer work and held board positions in various organizations such as ORPHEUS, DARMA, SRA International and my local housing association AAB

I own a small IT Company called Enlightenment Production. I help my customers with their IT and Communications such as creating their website and setting up emails and I was one of the founders of the site which is an online database on Danish medieval wall paintings which I still run.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, diving and taking photographs. I also find enjoyment in watching movies, films and series, reading books, playing board games or card games with my friends and family when we meet or computer games on my PC and mobile devices.

My CV is online on LinkedIn